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Issawiya Protest Against the Israeli Occupation, Home Demolition.. 3-DEC-10

Issawiya Demonstration 3/12/2010 הפגנה בעיסאוויה:

"mariosavio | December 03, 2010

Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians, Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity activists and Issawiya residents, gathered in Issawiya in East Jerusalem for a demonstration and march against house demolitions, against the siege on the entrances to the neighborhood and against misconduct by Israeli authorities, police and the occupying municipality of West Jerusalem. This is the first such joint Israeli-Palestinian demonstration to be held in Issawiya.
מאות ישראלים ופלסטינים, פעילי סולידריות שייח ג'ראח ותושבי עיסאוויה, נאספו בעיסאוויה במזרח ירושלים כדי להפגין ולצעוד נגד הריסות בתים, נגד המצור על הכניסות לשכונה ונגד התנכלות המשטרה, הרשויות הישראליות ועיריית מערב ירושלים הכובשת. זו הפעם הראשונה שהפגנה ישראלית-פלסטינית משותפת נערכת בעיסאוויה.


"yisraelpnm | December 03, 2010

The village of Issawiya lies at the foot of the Hebrew University Campus at Mount Scopus, near the French Hill neighbourhood. Today, between 16 and 18 thousand inhabitants live there, many having moved from more distant Jerusalem neighbourhoods, a few holding West Bank IDs. The village is very neglected. The Municipality refuses to approve the outline plan submitted on behalf of the villagers by the Bimkom association and has issued and continues to issue many demolition orders for houses built without permits because there is no master plan for the village; the infrastructure is dilapidated, sanitation has gone hang and a pervasive feel of negligence and indifference predominates. A particularly noticeable example of this is the little playground the municipality built in the village a decade ago (at the request of the French Hill administration, to keep Issawiya children away from its playground). When the lease of the plot expired, the municipality dismantled it completely, leaving a deserted, ugly plot at the entrance to the village. In addition, a good part of the land originally designated for village development has now been turned over to the 'Nature Reserve'/'National Park' societies. There is not even a minimum of city planning and the village's roads demand virtuoso juggling skills from its drivers

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