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CRHistmas Carol - CRH 12 Days of Christmas Carol: Stop Cementing Israeli Apartheid

About the CRH Divestment Campaign
Source: Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)
The aim of this campaign is to convince CRH to cease its involvement with the illegal occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people by divesting from the Mashav Group, an Israeli construction company.
This campaign will:

* raise public awareness about the effect of the illegal occupation of Palestine and its impact on the Palestinian people, and;

* encourage Irish state, financial, educational and church organisations to put pressure on Israel to end discrimination against the Palestinian people and bring an end to the ongoing expulsion from their homes and land, and;

* demand that CRH support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights within their sphere of influence and to make sure they are not complicit in human rights abuses by divesting from Mashav and its operations in the occupied territories of Palestine

Background to CRH and the illegal apartheid wall

2001 CRH Europe Materials Division acquired a 25% shareholding in the Israeli group Mashav Initiating and Development Ltd. Mashav is the holding company for Nesher Cement which is the sole Israeli cement company.

2002 The apartheid separation wall commenced construction.

2004 Under questioning from Amnesty International, CRH accepted that “in all probability” Nesher cement is being used in the construction of the wall. The ICJ begin its investigation.

2004 The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the wall is illegal as they considered it to be an attempt by Israel to annexe Palestinian territory contrary to International Law and it interfered with the right of Palestinians to self determination.

Following the ruling the UN General assembly voted overwhelmingly in support of the advisory opinion by 150:6. Israel continues to ignore the ruling and world opinion as does CRH plc.

2010 The wall is currently 450km long. Its planned route will be 711km, twice the length of the 1967 line. It is predominantly (82%) built in 1967 occupied Palestinian territory. So far it has annexed 10% of Palestinian territory.

CRH and its subsidiaries

CRH plc through Europe Materials Division owns 25% of Mashav Initiative and Development Ltd
Mashav own Nesher Cement Enterprises Ltd
Nesher Cement Enterprises Ltd is Israel’s sole cement producer
Nesher supply approximately 75-90% of all cement sold in Israel and occupied Palestine
Nesher cement is being used in the construction of the illegal Separation wall, the Jerusalem Light Railway project, the illegal colonial settlements and the network of apartheid settler-only roads, underpasses, bridges and tunnels in occupied Palestine
Nesher own 50% of Taavura Holdings who among other activities are involved in haulage and transportation of construction materials
Taavura through Tastit Construction Machinery are the sole importers of Liebherr heavy equipment
Liebherr heavy equipment is being used to demolish the homes of Palestinians and the destruction of olive groves and farms to facilitate the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and expansion of Israel’s colonial project in occupied Palestine

CRH through its investment in Mashav is deriving profits and therefore benefiting from the occupation of Palestine. CRH are complicit in the human rights abuses of the Palestinian people through their indirect involvement with the instruments of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

CRHistmas Carol:

"IrelandPSC | December 24, 2010

12 Days of CRHistmas video for Stop Cementing Misery campaign.

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