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Ni'lin weekly demo against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, Colonies and Theft of Land 05 Nov 2010

Ni'lin weekly demonstration 05 11 2010:

"Nilinvillage | November 06, 2010

Dozens suffer from the tear gas inhalation in the Ni'lin weekly protest against the apartheid wall.
In the 93 anniversary of the passage of the Balfour Declaration the dreaded,Who gave the Jewish homeland in Palestine,the people of Ni'lin made a big demonstration to protest against the apartheid wall and against this Declaration which cause of it we are suffering and our lands been occupied,and also To mark the first anniversary of the death of the Palestinian freedom fighter Sakhr Habash ( Central Committee member of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement ( Fatah )).
After the friday prayer under the olive trees near the apartheid wall which built on Ni'lin's land and stole it,the people of Ni'lin moved together with the international activists and the israeli peace activists toward the place of the wall raising the palestinian flags and the pictures of sakhr habash,saying a slogans against (( Balfour Declaration))
and slogans in solidarity with all the palsetinians freedom fighters who been killed by the iof in the all Revolutions against the occupation.
Once the protesters reached the gate of the apartheid concrete wall they put the picture of sakhr habash on it and they wrote some sentences on the concrete wall which makes sure that when there is no justice then there will be no peace.
after 10 minutes from reaching there,the iof soldires started shooting tear gas canester at the protesters and alot of sound bombs Which led to the injury of Palestinian from the village.Another 10 demonstrators suffered from the tear gas inhalation cause of the heavily shooting of the tear gas.
after half an hour,The soldiers opened the gate and started running toward the demonstrators to catch them and arrest them,but we all were luck .no one got arrested
Then,the people of Ni'lin went back again to the place of the wall building but the soldiers opened the gate again and started running toward us to catch us until they reached the village and started shooting at the houses.
the demonstration finished at 2 pm.
no one got arrested.

in the same day in the middle of the night at 01:30 am the iof raided the village to arrest 2 guys.they couldn't arrest them because they escaped from the house,then the iof started shooting a live bullets at them to shoot them,no one got shot ,then the soldiers started shooting sound bombs in the village to annoy the people of Ni'lin
and make them wake up.

For his part, said the leadership in Ni'lin popular committee against the apartheid wall and settlements mr.muhammed amireh that all these crimes against us in our village will never scare us and it will increase the determination to continue the nonviolent resistance against the wall and the occupation.

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