Monday, November 22, 2010

Israeli Occupation Forces Night Raid On Bilin 23.11.2010

Night Raid On Bilin 23.11.2010 By

"haithmkatib | November 22, 2010

Military Incursions continue in the Occupied village of Bil'in. Bil'in 11 - 23 - 2010 at 2:30 am, Israeli forces stormed the village of Bil'in in a night raid. Four soldiers raided the home of Adeeb Abu Rahma, one of the prominent organizers of the non-violent demonstrations against the Wall. Adeeb Abu Rahma has been imprisoned by Israel for the last 17 months. Tonight, Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Adeeb Abu Rahma, Adeeb's son, who is under 16 years old. It is unknown where he was taken. Mohammed is Adeeb's only son. He was helping the family with their affairs while Adeeb remains unjustly detained by Israel. Seven daughters and Adeeb's wife also live in the home that was raided. In this inhumane attack on the Abu Rahma house, Mohammed was beaten by the Israeli soldiers when he peacefully resisted arrest. During filming of the raid, local journalists Haitham Al-Khatib and Hamde Abu were mercilessly beaten by Israeli Occupation Forces and caused extensive damage to Haitham's Camera, wanting Haitham to stop filming what was happening during the incursion. This is what happened in Bil'in today and this is what happens in the village of Bil'in and other Palestinian villages every day.

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