Friday, November 19, 2010

FBI Raid Victims Get New Grand Jury Subpoenas

FBI Raid Victims Get New Grand Jury Subpoenas:

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Minneapolis, MN, November 18, 2010. Three of the nine Minneapolis peace activists who's homes were raided on September 24, 2010 received notice of new subpoenas coming from the Chicago Grand Jury ordering appearances some time after Thanksgiving. Details are being resolved with the victim's attorneys and the Chicago US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald. The subpoenas will likely include immunity which forces the individuals to testify or face jail time. The the activists are Sarah Martin, Tracy Molm and Anh Pham.Supporters rallied in the fresh cold evening in solidarity with the activists and to enlist further community support. A delegation of activists from Minneapolis is in Washington today to seek 'Dear Colleague Letters' and other action from the Minnesota Congressional Delegation.

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