Sunday, November 7, 2010

Congressman Ellison Supporting victims of FBI Raids

Congressmen Ellison Supporting FBI Raid Victims:

"UpTakeVideo | November 07, 2010

Minneapolis, November 5, 2010. On Friday, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison listened to the stories from five peace activists raided by the FBI in September and decided to take action to support the activists. Ellison has offered to circulate a 'Dear Colleague' letter to the other members of the Progressive Caucus asking for support of an investigation of the FBI actions. At a meeting with the five FBI targets and several peace groups he reminded them that he could not interfere with an ongoing investigation. The FBI raids in Minneapolis appear to fit a pattern of behavior withing the agency. In early September the Department of Justice Inspector General's reported about FBI malfeasance in surveillance of and hassling peace groups. Another Department of Justice report revealed extensive cheating in FBI agent examinations. In 1975 when the FBI was having severe ethical lapses following the Watergate scandal, a Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church investigated the FBI. The Church committee investigation severely limited the FBI's scope of actions against citizens. It is possible another such Congressional investigation into FBI activity could happen again.

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