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Bil'in Demo Against the Apartheid Wall 26.11.10


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Bilin Weekly Demo 26.11.2010 By

"haithmkatib | November 26, 2010

Dozens of people suffer from tear gas inhalation in Bil'ins weekly demonstration

Today, 26.November after the midday prayer Palestinians, Israelis and internationals marched together to protest against Israel's illegal Wall and settlements and got attacked by large amounts of tear gas and stun grenades. The Popular Committee stated that the 28. November is the 'International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People', and asked the internationals present to help putting pressure on Israel to end the occupation and retreat from the Palestinian Territories.

The protesters marched together up to the fence that divides the village's land in two, and faced the Israeli soldiers on the other side. Slogans were shouted, and people were carrying Palestinian flags and banners showing the imprisoned leaders of the non-violent struggle - Adeeb and Abdallah Abu Rahmah. After a few minutes the army started to shoot tear gas into the crowd and a few stun grenades were also thrown. Some young Palestinians were throwing stones to the soldiers on the military road, and got heavily tear gassed.

After about 45 minutes tens of soldiers were entering the gate and moving towards the village -- forcing the protesters back. The demonstration lasted for about one hour.

This demonstration marked the UN observed International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The 28.November events will be held at UN offices, and the Popular Committee of Bil'in is asking people around the world to support Palestinians in their struggle against Israel's occupation. Solidarity actions such as visiting Palestine and telling about what you see here, and supporting the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) campaign can help isolating and eventually force Israel to end the occupation, dismantle the wall and stop the land theft and building of settlements.

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