Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peace Activists Refuse to Appear Before a Grand Jury

Mpls Peace Activists Defy Chicago Grand Jury:

"UpTakeVideo | October 06, 2010

Minneapolis, October 5, 2010. The seven peace activists whose homes were raided by the FBI last week were ordered to appear before a Chicago grand Jury, 20 of them today. All have refused to appear, thus defying the grand jury order. Another rally met in front of the Minneapolis FBI office this afternoon expressing support and solidarity from a wide range of peace and activist groups. A thoughtful protester brought a soap box to legitimize the speaker's appearances. Several hundred participated, most of them noisy and passionate but with no violence or acrimony against the small contingent of building security and the usual contingent of Minneapolis police quietly watching. Several speakers tied this action against mostly whites to previous FBI actions against the Somali community and various immigration activists.

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