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Four videos of Israeli Soldiers' abuse and humiliation of Palestinians

I have no comment on these videos as I have witnessed far greater injustice committed by the criminal israeli soldiers, whose actions were unfortunately not recorded on cam. Nonetheless, I thought you have the right to see what's readily available on the Internet.

The latest video of the disgusting Israeli soldiers' behavior (dancing arround a bound blindfolded Palestinian female detainee is posted at the bottom.

Israeli Border Policemen Film themselves abusing Palestinians:

"VIDEO: Border Policemen film themselves abusing Palestinians
By Uri Blau, Haaretz Correspondent

Border Policemen have filmed themselves abusing and humiliating Palestinians in videos they have posted on YouTube over the past year.

In one clip uploaded to the video sharing website an Arab youth is shown in arid terrain, slapping himself, while a voice is heard instructing him to say 'I love you, Border Police,' and 'I will f**k you, Palestine,' in Arabic. The victim is forced to respond to everything he is ordered to do, to the raucous laughter of the cameraman and his friends, all Border Policemen.

In another video, a Palestinian is seen sitting inside a vehicle reciting the words 'One Hummus and one ful [cooked broad beans], I love you Border Police' (which rhymes in Hebrew), while applause and shouting is heard in the background.

In most of the videos the faces of Border Policemen are not shown and the locations of where they were filmed is unclear.

Forcing Palestinians to sing is a common occurrence and is perceived by Border Policeman as quite humorous, it has emerged from recent Haaretz interviews with Border policemen.

The Border Police said in response: 'Over the last few years there has been a drop of dozens of percent in the complaints against Border Policemen over the use of unauthorized force and inappropriate behavior.

'The Border Police has made it a personal mission to uphold values of maintaining respect for people and their rights, and the members of the force are taught to respect those values.'

The Border Police added in the statement that its officer for public complaints continues to deal with the matter of the videos, which it said have been on YouTube since 2008.

The full article appears in Friday's Haaretz Magazine.

Trophy Kill: Israeli soldiers posing with dead or bound Palestinians common?:

"Trophy Kill: Israeli soldiers posing with dead or bound Palestinians common?:

'RussiaToday | August 18, 2010

A Human rights group says the photos posted on Facebook of a former Israeli officer posing beside bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners - are the tip of the iceberg. The group 'Breaking the Silence' even went as far as publishing photos of other soldiers in front of Palestinian prisoners. The Israeli Army had been defending itself by saying it was a one-off, and promised to investigate. Palestinian officials say this incident shows the true attitude of Israelis. Lewis Frankenthaler from the Public Committee Against Torture In Israel says the Jewish State's Army lacks discipline and psychological training.

Video of Israeli soldiers humiliating a bound Palestinian man:

"Israeli soldiers film themselves humiliating a bound Palestinian man - International Middle East Media Center - IMEMC:

'Israeli Television, Chanel 10, showed on Thursday a video footage taken by Israeli soldiers filming themselves humiliating a bound and blindfolded Palestinian man at a military roadblock in the occupied West Bank, Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported.

Haaretz added that the Palestinian man was kneeling and repeating sentences he was ordered to say by the soldiers, members of the Golani infantry brigades.

“The Golani soldiers will bring you a log, and sick it up your ass”, one of the sentences the Palestinian man was ordered to repeat, Haaretz reported.

“Do you want candy? The man repeats “Candy, Candy”. Say Moomin house – (man) moomin house, (soldiers laughing) say dad went to work (man says) work – (soldiers) no, Dad Went To Work (he repeats after them in fear) and will bring you (then he repeats after them) a present, (and then another soldier says) “give him a round of applause”, then the first soldier continues and the bound man repeats after him “And Golani, will bring you a log – up the ass” (then soldiers started to laugh).

After the case made it to the media, the Israeli army had to issue a statement condemning the abuse.

The army said that it was unaware of the incident until channel 10 gave it the clip.

A spokesperson of the Israeli army said that “the army condemns this behavior”, and added that “such an act goes against the Israeli army and its values”.

He claimed that the army initiated an investigation into the incident “and will respond appropriately”.

Although the Israeli army claims that such incidents are isolated, the facts on the ground state otherwise.

In July a video shot a Palestinian girl, 14, from a window in her home in the Ni'lin village, near Ramallah, showed soldiers shooting a bound and blindfolded Palestinian youth.

The video was released by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B'Tselem).

Although captured on film, the soldier who shot the bound youth was released by a direct order of the Israeli army district attorney who said that “the soldiers who shot the youth will be freed, but the officer who gave the order will be questioned”.

cosmosurf | November 09, 2008

The Israeli army said Saturday it is investigating a video that appears to show Israeli soldiers taunting a blindfolded Palestinian man.

Israel's Channel 10 broadcast the video this week and said soldiers had uploaded it to YouTube.

The footage shows a blindfolded man kneeling with what appear to be Israelis in green army uniforms standing behind him. The people in uniform force the man to repeat what they say in Hebrew while they laugh at him.

At one point, they force the man to say, "Golani [an Israeli army brigade] will shove a log up your ass." See the video

Clip Syndicate Video: YouTube vidoe shows Israeli soldier dancing round woman prisoner:

Agence France-Presse
Oct. 05, 2010. 12:18 PM EST

"A grainy video of a male Israeli soldier bellydancing around a bound and blindfolded female prisoner which went viral overnight, has provoked a furious response from the Palestinians. Duration: 01:14.

Update: October 6, 2010
Woman humiliated in video to sue Israeli army
[ 06/10/2010 - 06:51 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)-- The victim in the latest scandal of an Israeli soldier filmed dancing around a bound Palestinian woman said she will sue the Israeli army over the humiliation she underwent.

Israeli channel 10 broadcasted on Tuesday a Youtube clip showing an Israeli soldier dancing around a blindfolded and cuffed Palestinian woman who was forced to face a wall.

The woman, Ihsan Dababisa, 35, from the Al-Khalil village of Nuba said: “I saw the tape on the Jazeerah channel and I couldn’t sleep all night. I was deeply humiliated. The sound of the soldiers laughing and the music was roaring in my ears.”

“I called the Palestinian Prisoners Society, and we will file a case against the soldier and the Israeli army,” Dababisa went on to say.

She said she was arrested on October 11, 2007 on charges of affiliation with the Islamic Jihad movement and was sentenced to 22 months in prison.

“The day I was arrested they took me and cuffed and blindfolded me, and took me to the Etzion detention center near the city of Bethlehem. After they questioned me and placed me in a corridor, they blindfolded and handcuffed me.”

“I heard the laughter and voices of soldiers and music. I was able to see them during the filming because the blindfold was not tied very tight, and I begged them to not tape me.”

“But they continued to tape me and were drinking alcohol and dancing. It was not one soldier. They were a group of soldiers.”

The channel 10 presentation of the video came weeks after a former Israeli soldier triggered controversy after she posted on Facebook racial and questionable comments over photos of herself smiling next to blindfolded and bound Palestinian detainees during her military service.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Palestine said the despicable act against war prisoners in general and the Palestinian captive in the video in particular should prompt a real stance in the face of the Israeli occupation by every person in the world with a conscience.

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