Monday, October 4, 2010

Ben White on Israeli Apartheid

Palestine/ Israel – democracy or apartheid? on Vimeo:

"Ben White, author of Israeli apartheid: a beginner’s guide spoke at Dundee University in September 2010 on a tour organised by the local branch of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

In this video, White gives the audience a glimpse of what Israel’s policies have meant for the Palestinian people over the last 60 years. His talk contains examples of these policies and there is some overlap between this talk and the contents of his book.

Find out where to buy a copy of White’s book from the website:

For more coverage of this talk, including links to videos of the question and answer session visit my blog:

Note: The question and answer session was posted earlier and can be seen here: Ben White at the SPSC in Dundee (Q&A session)

Palestine/ Israel – democracy or apartheid? from Robert Stewart on Vimeo.

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Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog

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