Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Fabrication: Settler Guard's Testimony (Re: Shooting a Palestinian in Silwan)

Testimony of Samer Sarhan’s shooter, accepted by police, is proven invalid by Silwanic video « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan:

"Wadi Hilweh Information Center video reveals that the testimony given by the guard who killed Samer Sarhan last week Wednesday is invalid. The video recording was aired on Israeli Channel Two News.

The killer told the Israeli police that the incident had occurred when he was trying to defend himself from a planned ambush. He claimed that the street in Wadi Hilweh where he was driving was blocked by garbage containers, and that after stopping, his Jeep did not start. He claimed that after he stepped out of the vehicle, Palestinian residents began throwing stones at him - according to the claims – and that he had to shoot to defend himself. As a result Samer Sarhan was killed.

However, the video camera which was unveiled by Wadi Hilweh Information Center clearly shows that the street was not blocked and that the killer had fled in his vehicle immediately after the shooting.

It should be noted that the Israeli police accepted the shooter’s version and released him to his home less than 24 hours following the incident. This leads the residents of Silwan to fear that the settlement guards have complete freedom to use their weapons as they deem fit.

Silwan residents often complain about the conduct of the settlement guards. For example, on June 2nd, settlers’ guards tried to disperse demonstrators despite the presence of Israeli police at the scene, wounding one of the mosque personnel, Ayoub Mazen Auda, in the leg, and attacked a photographer of Silwanic, Ahmed Siyam. To our knowledge, the guards were not arrested or tried for their assault.

The police accepted the settlers version, now there's doubt, 26/9/10

toraora | September 26, 2010

משטרת ירושלים קיבלה באופן אוטומטי את גרסת המאבטח של המתנחלים לפיה הוא נחסם על ידי פלסטינים ונאלץ להשתמש בנשק ולהרוג את סאמר סרחאן, תושב הכפר בן 32 אב לחמישה. תמונות שהגיעו לערוץ 2 מטילות ספקות חמורים לגבי הגירסה הזאת.
אבל מפקד מחוז ירושלים כבר קבע מול המצלמות שהמאבטח צודק.

Jerusalem police automatically accepted the version of the settlers guard about what led him to shoot dead Samer Sarhan. The head of the police, Aharon Franco declared that the guard was blocked and attacked by Palestinians. Now channel 2 exposes a film that shows that the guard wasn't at all blocked

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