Friday, September 17, 2010

Bilin Weekly Demo Against the Apartheid Wall and in Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners 17-09-2010

Bilin Weekly Demo 17-09-2010 By haithmkatib "haithmkatib | September 17, 2010

In Bil'in weekly demonstration, protesters showed solidarity with political prisoners. Dozens suffered from tear gas, soldiers fired rubber covered steel bullets. Two injuries

This Friday, September 17, 2010 the people of Bil'in were joined by Israelis and Internationals to protest against the theft of land and the imprisonment by Abdullah and Adeb Abu-Rahma, Ibrahim Burnat and other political prisoners from Bil'in. The demonstration went on for 1,5 hours and was met with large amount of tear gas and rubber covered steel bullets. After firing tear gas from the military base- and road, soldiers entered the gate and chased the protesters back towards the village.

Today's protest in Bil'in asked for the release of prisoners, who have been kept in jail under administrative detention, meaning without trial, and also the ones who have been victims of false charges and unjust trials in Israeli military courts. People were carrying masks of Abdullah Abu-Rahma, who has been held in Ofer Military Prison since November, and is now under the process of trial, accused of 'incitement'. Other people were wearing masks showing the faces of Ghandi and Luther King. This is to show that Palestinian political prisoners are activists, who are leading the non violent struggle against the Israeli occupation, and they are facing punishment in terms of long sentences in Israeli military prisons.

The Israeli soldiers shot tear gas from the military base close to the illegal Apartheid fence that is cutting off more than half of Bil'in's land. The non violent protest went on, with people holding banners with pictures of the prisoners and shouting slogans. One tear gas canister hit an Israeli protester, Tali Shapiro in her leg, causing pain and a bruise. After several rounds of soldiers firing tear gas and protesters backing off, the soldiers entered the gate, and continued firing tear gas. They also fired rubber covered steel bullets -- one hitting a Palestinian youth in his back. Luckily it did not cause serious injury, though he is suffering from pain.

The demonstration ended after 1,5 hours, and people walked back to the village. Abdullah Abu-Rahma's many friends and family are now awaiting the final result of his trial, and there is a fear that he will be amongst the many political prisoners held in jail many years for taking part in the non violent struggle against the brutal Israeli occupation.

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