Monday, August 2, 2010

SHEIKH JARRAH July 30. Protestors Defy Censors,

SHEIKH JARRAH July 30. Protestors Defy Censors,:

"TaayushHebron | August 01, 2010

Sheikh Jarrah Protestors Defy Censors & 'out' Doron Zahavi. An activist has exposed the notorious Shin Bet interrogator, 'Captain George' (Doron Zahavi), currently a senior police adviser for Arab affairs in Jerusalem. Captain George was in charge of Dirani's interrogation.

The militia leader, Mustafa Dirani, was kidnapped by Israel in 1994. Dirani told a Tel Aviv court that the Shin Bet security services kept him naked in an interrogation facility for a month as they questioned him around the clock, demanding the whereabouts of airman Ron Arad.

The interrogators alternately splashed him with hot and freezing water, shook him until he fainted, sodomized him and sexually assaulted him with a stick, he said. 'I prayed that I'd die,' said Dirani.

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