Monday, August 16, 2010

IDF soldier Poses with Bound blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.

IDF soldier Poses with blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.:

"otraverdad | August 16, 2010

A former Israeli soldier has caused a furor by circulating images of herself posing boldly next to bound and blindfolded Palestinian captives.

The former soldier, named Eden Abergil, who was relieved of her duties a year ago, recently posted the pictures onto the cyberspace social hub of Facebook under the album name '(Israel Defense Forces) IDF — the best time of my life,' the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported on Monday.

The photos are an unpleasant reminder of the pictures taken by US forces at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

'I wonder if he is on Facebook too — I'll have to tag him in the photo,' Abergil's wrote beneath one of the photos, referring to one of the Palestinians.

A human rights organization, the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, said, 'The horrible pictures demonstrate a norm of treating Palestinians like objects instead of human beings — treatment that disregards their feelings as humans and their right to privacy.'

Around 7,000 Palestinians, including women and children, are currently held in Israeli detention facilities, reportedly suffering under harsh and life-threatening conditions.

'The soldier would go crazy if photographs of her in humiliating circumstances had been posted on the Internet without her permission. We call upon IDF commanders to issue orders to prevent this kind of humiliating behavior,' the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel added.

Earlier in the year, Israeli forces cancelled an attack on a site in the occupied West Bank after a soldier posted the details on a website.

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