Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dublin - Solidarity With Sheikh Jarrah Protest (8/8/2010)

Dublin - Solidarity With Sheikh Jarrah Protest (8/8/2010):

IrelandPSC | August 08, 2010

Video of Freda Hughes, IPSC Chairperson, speaking at rally in Dublin in Solidarity with the people of Sheikh Jarrah on Sunday 8th August 2010.

Sheikh Jarrah is a Palestinian neighbourhood in Occupied East Jerusalem. Following the eviction of four Palestinian families from their homes in order to make room for Israeli colonial settlers last year, the local residents began a determined campaign of civil protest which has since become a symbol of opposition to the occupation of Palestine, and for Palestinian-Israeli cooperation against the occupation.

Sheikh Jarrah is home to 3,000 Palestinians, who recognise that the series of evictions will not stop until they are all dispossessed.

The struggle in Sheikh Jarrah is a non-violent democratic struggle. Varied activities are carried in out protest against the colonial settlement enterprise: for the past six months weekly demonstrations involving hundreds of participants - Palestinian, Israeli and international - are being held every Friday afternoon on the outskirts of the neighbourhood. Protest marches are held in East and West Jerusalem and volunteers take shifts sleeping in the neighbourhood to support and protect the families from settler and state aggression.

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