Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily Life in Hebron - Struggle for Water Under Settler Harassment

STRUGGLE FOR WATER Mt. Hebron Aug. 14- 2010 - Nissim Mossek:

"TaayushHebron | August 19, 2010

In South Mt. Hebron, At recent weeks, We have encountered again and again provocations of the settlers' takeover of the water wells in the area, attempts to prevent Palestinians to access them. However, counter to the decisions of the civil administration which state that it is the Palestinians right. The water cisterns are the only local water source available to the Palestinians and their herds, as the Palestinian villages are not connected to running water. Preventing their use requires purchase and transport of water tankers that cost dearly. Our presence enables the Palestinian residents to return to their land and water cisterns, from which they are expelled time after time by the settlers and the army, which is also violation of the law.

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