Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily life in Hebron - Israeli Apartheid at Zleika's Front Door

Israeli Aphartheid at Zleika's Front Door, Hebron, Palestine:

"HebronVoices | August 18, 2010
Let's go visit Zlieka on Shuhade Street in Hebron, Palestine. This is the street made famous by Israeli Soldiers Dancing, the street on which Palestinian residents are not allowed to walk, a ghost town poulated only by a few Jewish settlers and soldiers. Who can believe that while Internationals and Israelis may enter her front door Palestinians may not enter or leave ? Even the soldiers are confused about their own bizarre rules.

[Comment: Based On a hunch and having seen how israel manages its propaganda, i tend to believe the soldier's confusion mentioned above is a result of the army command wanting everyone to believe the policy has changed and the doors to the street are no longer welded shut, thus
removing the locks and allowing a few cases/visits, while not issuing clear official orders to the soldiers to allow visitors in and making the decisions on a case-by-case basis, avoiding some embarrassment and enforcing it's apartheid acts at the same time]

Part 1

Part 2
Meet Zleika who describes her life living in one of the most absurd situations of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She can't step out of her own front door or walk down her own street. She talks about her Israeli friends and her hopes for peace. She describes an Israeli movie filmed at her house and shows us her Peace Wall, made from stones thrown by Jewish settlers at her house.

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