Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chossudovsky on Iran: US winks, Israel bites

Chossudovsky on Iran: US winks, Israel bites:

"RussiaToday | August 05, 2010

A group of former intelligence and military officials is demanding immediate action from Barack Obama - to prevent a war in the Middle East. They claim Israel's counting on Washington to offer unconditional support for an attack on Iran, as early as this month. It comes just days after U.S. top brass refused to rule out a strike on the Islamic state. The group - which includes former CIA agents - says a war in Iran will ignite a regional conflict, which could lead to the annihilation of Israel. Tehran has repeatedly refused diplomatic relations with Tel-Aviv, as it maintains the Jewish state has no right to exist. Michel Chossudovsky from the Canadian Centre for Research on Globalisation, thinks Israel won't strike until Washington tells it to.

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