Thursday, August 26, 2010

As the PA Negotiates Endlessly, Israeli Land Theft Poses Existential Threat to Wadi Fuqeen

Wadi Fuqeen is a small Palestinian Village Located to the west of Bethlehem, with the apartheid wall rout slicing through its lands separating it from Bethlehem, and an expanding settlement quickly devouring more of its property.

Note: This video was posted on Palestine Video earlier on. I'm re-posting it as a reminder of why Palestinians object to the continued and endless negotiations with Israel - seeing negotiations as nothing but a cover up for israel's expansionist policy and theft of land - and in honor of the "Wadi Fuqeen Friends" channel on YouTube. you can visit their site on the web here

Israeli land theft poses existential threat to Wadi Fuqeen:

"wadifuqeenfriends | August 26, 2010

Israeli land theft from the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqeen intended to facilitate the expansion of the illegal Jewish settlements of Hadar Betar and Beitar Illit is threatening the very existence of Wadi Fuqeen.

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