Saturday, August 14, 2010

67 Malaysian Volunteers Arrive in Gaza, Report Back on Conditions

67 Malaysian volunteers arrived safely in Gaza (Malay News 10/8/2010):

"ExclusiveNewsTV3 | August 13, 2010

67 Malaysian volunteers arrived safely in Gaza, Palestine

Urgent needs in Gaza Hospitals. Outdated and broken medical equipment [due to Israel's prevention of spare parts from entering the strip], lack of medicines etc.

In Gaza, dialysis in paralysis
Now under siege for more than three years and thus unable to provide necessary medication, plagued with equipment in perpetual disrepair, and confronted with an acute shortage of electricity, al-Shifa's dialysis unit is unable to properly treat its patients.[Read More]

"ExclusiveNewsTV3 | August 13, 2010

Nothing much has changed in Gaza although the siege has been "eased".
The merchant interviewed here said some food items such as tamarind and other similar products are still prohibited from entering Gaza. Another man said that although there are trucks bringing in products, Palestinians in Gaza cannot buy them because of their economic situation resulting from unemployment due to the siege.

ExclusiveNewsTV3 | August 13, 2010

No significant change in Gaza Palestine

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