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UN Capitulates To US/Israeli Pressure on Gaza Blockade

[Press TV News] UN Capitulates To US/Israeli Bloc On Gaza Aid Situation:

"shabbirh | July 24, 2010

Hamas finds UN collaborating with Israel

Hamas accuses the United Nations of collaborating with Israel over the world body's recent efforts to discourage aid convoys from sailing towards the Gaza Strip.

The UN on Friday warned seaborne relief missions against setting sail, urging them to instead travel by land. The UN's warning came as both routes to the strip remain under the strict control of the Israeli military's armed surveillance units.

'The UN call to international organizations to use the over-land road to Gaza instead of the sea is unacceptable and illegal,' Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahri was quoted by AFP as saying on Saturday.

The position was similar to 'collaboration with the Israeli occupier,' he added.

After the democratically-elected government of Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip in 2006, Israel blockaded the coastal sliver in June 2007, depriving 1.5 million Gazans of food, fuel and other life necessities.

'Most of the residents of the territory are still banned from leaving the territory and this is why this call is considered a contribution to the blockade,' said Abu Zahri in reference to the UN warning.

The developments come after Israeli commandos attacked the Gaza-bound Turkish-flagged Freedom Flotilla relief mission, killing nine Turkish activists on May 31.

The UN ambassador to Tel Aviv [Israel's Representative at the UN], Gabriela Shalev, has informed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that Israel 'reserves its right' to stymie two Lebanese aid ships, which aim to break the Gaza siege.

An organizer for one of the Lebanese vessels, Nagi el-Ali, however, said on Saturday that 'preparations for the trip have progressed.' Organizers and port officials also said another ship, the Mariam, has anchored at the northern Lebanese port of Tripoli.

The Hamas official also encouraged humanitarian groups to 'continue to reach Gaza by sea until the blockade is really broken.'

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