Monday, July 19, 2010

Night Raid on Bil'in 19-07-2010.wmv

Night Raid on Bil'in 19-07-2010.wmv:

"planxtysumoud | July 18, 2010

Tonight, Bil'in was subjected to yet another Israeli Occupation Forces terror raid at 1.30 am when an unusually heavy number of IOF soldiers entered the outskirts of the village to arrest a local youth; 17 year old Ahmad Abed Al-Fatah Burnat - which unfortunately was effected. At least twelve jeeps were spotted most of which hovered as backup at the nearby Apartheid-Annexation Wall which coupled with a heavy IOF presence at last Friday's peaceful
demonstration - peaceful that is, until the protesters were viciously deluged with salvoes of tear gas as soon as they reached the Wall which the shabab, commendably, fiercely resisted with stones - has given rise to well founded speculation that the IOF are currently blooding new recruits to occupation methods; heavy on violence, light on human rights.

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