Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nabi Saleh Protest + More Israeli Army Lies 2-07-2010 (3parts)

Part 1: Nabi Saleh Protest 2-07-2010.wmv

planxtysumoud | July 02, 2010

The weekly Friday protests in Nabi Saleh against the theft of village land for the construction of the illegal Israeli "settler" colony of Halamish have the reputation as the most violent in the West Bank and yesterday's validated this perception: Once the peaceful demonstrators reached the line of army jeeps and soldiers blocking their passage, some were manhandled to the ground and coordinator of the protests Bassem Tamimi received rough handling, later Jonathan Shapiro an Israeli with live conscience and strong for Palestine was violently arrested. Subsequently, the village suffered repeated army incursions until late in the evening with attendant IOF violence through copius amounts of indiscriminately fired tear gas and percussion grenades. Ostensibly, the raids were to arrest some stone throwing shabab - which are never effected - but transparently, their ultimate aim is to terrorize and cow the villagers who, strongly supported by Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall, other Israelis, International Solidarity Movement activists and internationals fiercely resist the Occupation and now the latest ethnic cleansing threat to the existence of the tiny village of some 540 souls; the demolition of 10 homes closest to the colony to pave the way for the expansion of that amoebic obscenity.

Part 2: Nabi Saleh Protest 2-07-2010.wmv

planxtysumoud | July 03, 2010

The next segment is from Max Blumenthal's site who caught Israel's Army in another one of its typical outright lies. (follow the link directly below to read the full story)
Another IDF Lie Exposed: Army Attacked Activists, Not The Other Way Around

The IDF claimed Yonathan Shapira and Matan Cohen "attacked" a soldier. It is a blatant lie discredited by video evidence.

On July 2, at the weekly demonstration in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh, Israeli army troops violently arrested Israeli activists Yonatan Shapira and Matan Cohen. I witnessed the incident that led to the arrests and filmed them as they took place.

Israeli Army Brutally Arrests Yonathan Shapira, Matan Cohen in Nabi Saleh

mblumenthal | July 03, 2010
Israeli troops arrest Israeli activists Yonathan Shapira and Matan Cohen in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. The footage directly contradicts IDF claims that Shapira and Cohen were "rioters" who "attacked" a soldier.

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