Saturday, July 24, 2010

Emily Henochowicz - I Miss You Palestine + Video of Emily being shot by Israeli soldiers

First video: the moment Emily Henochowicz was shot in the face with a teargas canister by the Israeli Army, resulting in the loss of her left eye. The crime took place at the Qalandia Checkpoint protest, May 31, 2010, against the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in which 9 peace activists where murdered.

You can see the distant figure of Emily Holding a Flag and standing to the side, the Israeli occupation soldiers shooting at some kids throwing stones. The kids clearly disperse and run away. At 1:03 the shot came and Emily falls to the ground. A female protester runs towards her and drags her away from the smoldering clouds the teargas canister.

One thing is certain, there is a clear cut in the video between 1:02 and 1:03 and I wonder if Russia Today (Source of the video) obtained it in this condition or edited the video themselves. My guess is the latter.

To learn more about Emily's shooting visit
The Day an American Jewish Art Student Emily Henochowicz Lost an Eye
at Tony Greenstein's Blog

I recommend watching the video in full screen mode.
Middle East Fury: Video of angry protests as Israel attacks Gaza Freedom Flotilla
RussiaToday May 31, 2010

Next: The strong defiant spirit of Emily, singing for an end to injustice.
Many thanks to Mondoweiss for posting this video and bringing it to our attention.

I Miss You Palestine:

"ThirstyPixels | July 22, 2010

The week I got home, I got my energy back, and I was giddy with the joy of being alive. I walked my dog and bellowed out this song in the woods. I'm no musician, but the soul of the moment carried my voice. When I came home I got out my computer and recorded this in a message for my good friend Nick... but what the heck, I want to give it to the world!

Also, if someone could remix this or re-sing this with piano, that would be brilliant.

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