Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bil'in Weekly Demo 9 July 2010

Bil'in Weekly Demo 9-07-2010 By Haitham Al Katib:

"haithmkatib | July 09, 2010

To coincide with the sixth anniversary of the International Court of Justice's ruling that the Apartheid-Annexation Wall was illegal and must be torn down and reparations paid to the affected Palestinians , Bil'in's Popular Committee Against the Wall organised a massive protest against the ongoing construction of the Wall and the Israeli 'settler' colonies sheltering behind it. Besides Palestinians the demonstration drew activists and people with live conscience from far afield as Tulkarm, Tel Aviv, Turkey, the US, Egypt, the UK and Ireland and many others of indeterminate nationality who loudly and angrily called for signatories of the Geneva Conventions, Hague Conventions and defenders of international law to implement the advisory opinion of the ICJ and not allow this ruling to wither on the vine of indifference and the double standards of the so called 'international community,' particularly Israel's paymaster and protector, the US. To reinforce this point, large scales representing justice heavily weighted in Israel's favour, was carried to the Wall and displayed to the Occupation Forces protecting it, who immediately responded with salvoes of gun fired and hand thrown tear gas resulting in much distress and an injury to a young Tulkarm man and outbreaks of fire in the tinder-dry olive groves to which a fire engine had to be summoned to quench them. To further terrorize the protestors, snatch squads were sent to arrest as many of the fleeing as possible, but met strong and obdurate resistance from the local stone throwing shabab who successfully forced their temporary retreat and their next two sallies.

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