Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beit Jalla Demo Against the Apartheid Wall 4-7-10

Beit Jalla 4-7-10

yisraelpnm | July 04, 2010

This Sunday, July 4th, in Beit Jala some protesters marched through a street that leads to the apartheid wall's construction site. To the sound of the working bulldozers near by, the march was stopped by a group of soldiers and a barbed wire they installed earlier. The protesters demanded to go through to the Palestinian land being annexed and destroyed by the wall construction and some touched the barb wire to show their contempt to the occupying army. The soldiers soon launched an assault with sound bombs and then tear gas canisters, which were shot at the populated street far beyond the protesters. One person was treated for heavy tear gas inhalation. At a different spot the army incursion was met with stone throwers. The army then began terrorizing a main street in Beit Jala, hurting the passing by and the entire population of the area.

Next Sunday, July 11th a big demo is expected to take place in Beit Jala against the apartheid wall and for a free Palestine.

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