Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unrecognized Palestinian Villages - Evictions in Dahmash

Evictions in Dahmash

aicvideo June 15, 2010Dahamash is an unrecognized Palestinian village, located between Lod and Ramla and only 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. Because it is unrecognized, Dahmash residents lack important services, including garbage pick-up, green space, transportation, and address registration. 13 houses in Dahmash have received demolition orders since April of this year. Virtually all the houses in Dahmash are threatened, however, and could be demolished at any time. Presently, the village counts approximately 600 residents living in 70 households. Last Sunday, residents and activists from Sheikh Jarrah, the East Jerusalem neighborhood that continues to face similar evictions and the daily discrimination of Palestinian residents, joined the villagers of Dahmash to protest Israeli demolitions. For more info: alternativenews.org

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