Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stop the Ethnic Cleansing Protest in Jerusalem - Sheikh Jerrah 18-6-10

Sheikh Jerrah 18-6-10

yisraelpnm June 18, 2010In Sheikh Jarrah some 350 demonstrators gathered for a festive demonstration against the ongoing home evictions in the neighborhood. The Irish singer Tommy Sundance sang his folk songs, local drummers chanted slogans to the Samba beat, and several die-hard football fans sounded the annoying South-African plastic trumpets. Meanwhile, an Italian photographer took portrait pictures of demonstrators, and the a group of residents from Dahamash, a village near Ramle in threat of demolition, came to show their support in the struggle, after Sheikh Jarrah people came to their demonstration in the beginning of the week.

After an hour of fun, the demonstration took a serious turn. The masses started marching towards a new house whose residents received an eviction notice. As the house is in the opposite direction from the ones the police is safeguarding, the march went on peacefully, until police realized what was going on and sent the riot unit to stop the march. After a tense stand off, demonstrators found a way around the police blockade through the narrow paths, and made it the house, holding a rally there. After this success, the demonstration ended peacefully.

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