Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deported activist shows a weapon Israel claimed was on board the flotilla

Deported activists beginning to tell their stories

ISLAMIC0NTENT June 02, 2010Israel is expelling hundreds of foreign activists - including more than 40 Britons - seized during a fatal raid on a Gaza-bound aid convoy. But Channel 4 News has learned some activists are refusing to sign deportation forms in a legal challenge to the Israeli government.
Hundreds of foreign activists are being deported from Israel today after being seized during a controversial raid on an aid convoy sailing to Gaza which left at least nine people dead.
Fifty of the 679 detainess taken off the ships during the Israeli military-led action will be held for questioning, with the rest being deported within the next 48 hours, Israel said today.
The UN Security Council demanded the immediate release of ships and civilians held by Israel following the raid on 30 May, while stressing the three-year-old Israeli blockade of Gaza was "not sustainable".
While this morning deputy prime minister Nick Clegg described the blockade as a "humanitarian catastrophe" and said it was not in the "long-term interest" of either Israel of Palestine.

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