Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beit Jala Protest Against the Apartheid Wall and Theft of Land 20-06-2010 (2 Parts)

Part 1
Beit Jala 20 June 2010

justicewheels June 20, 2010Israeli occupation forces today in Beit Jala engaged in beatings, burning of fields, and attacking peaceful demonstrators, bystanders, and reporters. Two young Palestinains: Mohammed Masalma and Thaer Mahmoud were injured after severe beatings with hands and clubs (they were both near their homes and not participating in the demonstration). Several demonstrators were also roughed-up. Occupation enforcers also attacked six reporters and prevented them from doing their job of covering the event: Yousef Shahin (Palmedia), AbdelHafith Hashlamon (European News Aghency), Nasser AlShayukhi (associated Press), Mamon Wazwaz (APA), Musa AlShaer (France Press), and Najeh Hashlamon (ABA). The Israeli occupation forces (thugs) also aimed their gas canisters at dry fields managing to set a fire that engulfed an olive grove (fortunately, the Palestinian fire department quick response saved most of the field and the nearby homes). The apartheid forces also aimed tear gas at far away homes in Beit Jala to send a message of fear to the local population. And Israeli Occupation 'intelligence' Officer Fadi came at the end to mock us and call out my name with his loud speaker.

Part 2
Beit Jala Protest 20-06-2010.wmv

planxtysumoud June 20, 2010Today's protest was marked by the brutalization of the small number of demonstrators who attended - as well as some TV reporters - by mainly, the Border Police section of Israeli Occupation Forces. Percussion grenades and clubs were employed to corral the protestors behind razor wire strung across a street whilst the spendthrift use of high velocity tear gas projectiles set fire to an olive grove which a unit of the local fire brigade had to douse. Despite the brutality, the protests are set to continue with renewed vigour and anger at the theft of Beit Jala land for the construction of a new section of the Apartheid-Annexation Wall and the consequent expansion of Israeli "settler" colonies sheltering behind it.

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