Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Living in Occupied Jerusalem as Prisoners of the Apartheid Regime - 79 sleepless Gaza Jerusalem

79 sleepless Gaza Jerusalem .divx

SleeplessinGaza May 18, 2010 — Day 79: Visit Al Khatib family in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem who carry West Bank IDs and Israel has refused to issue them permits, so they are not allowed to wonder inside of Jerusalem where they live. They own the 48 dunums of land and the house on it. Israel issued them a document that allows them to walk to Hizma checkpoint to enter the West Bank, but they are not allowed to ride in a car! Economy major Khitam & Banking & Finance major Um Kulthum suffer from a disease. Khitam needs a walker and her sister a wheelchair to move. Since they are not allowed to take a car to the checkpoint to enter the West Bank and they are not allowed to go anywhere in Jerusalem, they don't go anywhere! When they tried to evacuate them years back, the late PLO leader Faisal Al Husseini and the PLO Headquarters in Jerusalem, the Orient House, helped them raise a law suit which they won. So Israel said: We can't evacuate you, but we will not give you permits. Faisal died on June 1, 2001 and the Orient House was closed down in August 2001; international demands to reopen it have so far achieved no results with Israel. What says Janessa Schilmoeller, Ashira's friend from Minnesota, USA who is visiting, and came along?

In Gaza: Head with Eman to Pasha's Palace where Napoleon Bonaparte stayed 3 days in 1799! See artifacts dating back to the Roman and Byzantine eras at the Palace Museum. Why do the large clay jars have an odd shape bottom? What is the rumor about Islamic Leader Al Zaher Beibars and this palace and is it true? After the British took over, the Palace was used by the British as a police station with a jail; all of its furniture and contents were taken. Enter the hall used by the British as the female and male criminal jails. See the window that allows the persons inside to see outside but not the other way round. Does Eman kill anyone with her mock arrow?

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