Friday, May 21, 2010

A JNF Park or a Living Testimony of Ethnically Cleansed Palestinian Villages? - 81 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem

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SleeplessinGaza May 21, 2010Day 81: Canada's Embarrassment! Canada Park was developed by the Jewish National Fund of Canada lies over the ruins of three ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages Imwas, Yalu, Deir Ayoub and Beit Noba in 1967 at the hands of Yitzhak Rabin who later became Prime Minister and was murdered for his decision to end occupation. Why is this park being called the Ayalon Park instead of its original name? Why do the Israelis put up banners of "Welcome to Canada Park" and when the donors and funders leave they immediately remove them? Al Quds University Professor Uri Davis explains the "ugly reality!"The Zionists call the Jews who were born in Palestine "Sabra" which means cactus. Uri, a Sabra, notes that the Cactus plant called in Arabic "Saber" is a sign to where Palestinians used to live because however you try to uproot it, it comes back to life and grows. Who is Uri Davis? Born in Jerusalem in 1943 to Jewish parents, Uri holds both British and Israeli passports but he doesn't consider himself an Israeli or a Jew! What is parallel between Apartheid South Africa and Zionist Israel that explains who Uri Davis is? Why did he join Fateh at the invitation of leader Khalil Wazir (Abu Jihad)? Uri is so popular in Fateh that he was elected to the party's Revolutionary Council, a leadership position! One-state or two-state solution? Adnan Abu Ghoush shows you where Imwas used to be. He shows you the stones from his family's house where he was born on the spot where it used to be! So what happened on 06/06/1967? Walk through the desecrated cemetery. Is your name on the plaques? If so be ready to be in court as perpetrator of Ethnic Cleansing! In Gaza Jamila and her cousins were playing on the roof when an Israeli missile made a direct hit. She lost her sister, cousins and both her legs. Now in the 10th grade, Jamila is mobile through artificial limbs made for her in Slovenia. Help her wear them so she can show you the roof where the missile landed. But beware it is not easy: a sac that she has to wear under the limbs is worn off and unavailable in Gaza. Do you have contacts in Slovenia who would help us solve Jamila's little/huge problem? If so contact Sleepless In Gaza on

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