Saturday, May 22, 2010

Israel's Ariel Colony: theft of land and sewage contamination - 82 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem

82 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem.divx

SleeplessinGaza May 21, 2010Day 82 - Special Edition: Diana heads to Salfeet to spend the day with her family; it is her Dad's birthday! As she gets to Nabi Saleh the road is blocked by Israeli military attacking Palestinians demonstrating against the settlers who stole a water well and have not stopped attacking Palestinian villages. See the action as soldiers fire tear gas and chase after the youth. Diana picks up her second cousin Zeer Al Zeer so show you the largest Israeli settlement on the West Bank, Ariel, and tell you about the injustice Ariel has caused to Salfeet and the other towns in the area. Ariel started as a settlement of a few caravans in 1978 and was expanded on Palestinian lands until it grew larger than any town, all with its own university serving students from all over Israel! And its growth is not stopping: see the lands that were confiscated to build a second industrial zone for Ariel! How is it one of the most racist settlement even though its residents are secular? Between Ariel and the Wall of Separation stealing lands, how many dunums have been grabbed so far? Watch the untreated sewage of Ariel stream down through Matweh and all the way to Burqin polluting the lands that it crosses and causing an environmental disaster. Last but not least, meet Diana's dad Gynecologist Jamil Alzeer, who she nicknames Zuzu, and her mom Elizevitta, a Bulgarian who has been living in Palestine for 33 years! Join them for dinner then blow out the candles. Jamil is 65 today!

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