Friday, May 28, 2010

Israeli Occupation Army violently Assaults Civilians and Journalists at Bil'in Weekly Demo

Bilin Weekly Demo 28-5-2010 By Haitham Al Katib

haithmkatib May 28, 2010Two injured, three arrested, dozens suffer tear gas inhalation in weekly Bil'in demonstration against the Separation Wall

After the Friday prayer, dozens of Israeli, international, and Palestinian demonstrators marched toward the site of the Separation Wall. Upon reaching the gate, the Israeli army responded almost immediately by firing tear gas canisters directly into the crowd. They also fired sound bombs and rubber bullets at the demonstrators. Two were injured as a result: Mustafa al-Khateeb of Bil'in was skimmed on his side by a bullet, and 28-year-old Israeli photographer Edo was injured on his left leg. They were treated on the spot.

Three Israeli demonstrators were arrested when the army entered the gate and grabbed them from the crowd. Haitham al-Khateeb, videographer from Bil'in, was also detained but quickly released after he informed the soldiers that he was filming for B'Tselem.

The rest of the demonstrators were pushed back toward the town and suffered from tear gas inhalation. It is important to note that the army has begun firing tear gas rockets that can reach a distance of 550 meters and were responsible for the death last year of Bassem Abu Rahme.

Today's demonstration lasted approximately an hour. It was attended by a group of Belgian activists whom the Popular Committee will take on a tour of nearby villages that are affected by the construction of the Separation Wall.

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