Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hell bent on provocation, IOF invades Bil'in 30-05-2010

Bil'in : Israeli Occupation Forces incursion 30-05-2010 .wmv

planxtysumoud — May 30, 2010 — This afternoon, Bil'in suffered an incursion by five Israeli Occupation Forces soldiers, hell bent on provoking and trying the patience of the villagers, letting them know as if they already weren't aware, who's the tyrant in the area, a number of teenage shepherds were harassed in the process and relatives rushed to protect them until a number of angry shabab put the IOF on notice, via some vigorous rock throwing, that the village will no longer be invaded with impunity and immunity, After an hour of to-ing and fro-ing with the stone throwers in vain efforts to arrest them, the IOF retreated to the safety of the nearby Apartheid-Annexation Wall. So it goes in Bil'in. Another IOF invasion is expected tonight - this time in much stronger numbers.?

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