Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exposed 'Official proof' of Israel having nuclear weapons

Exposed 'Official proof' of Israel having nuclear weapons
RussiaToday May 24, 2010The first official evidence of Israel possessing nuclear weapons may have been discovered by an US academic. Britain's Guardian newspaper has published the declassified agreement, which suggests Israel offered to sell arms to South Africa in the 1970s.

Israel nuke-busted? Nobel Peace Prize to Vanunu!

RussiaToday May 24, 2010Israel calls baseless the findings of a new book which provides evidence the country offered to sell nuclear warheads to South Africa in 1975. The documents, uncovered by a U.S. researcher make up the first official evidence Israel has nuclear arms. Israel is believed to have more than 200 atomic warheads at its Dimona reactor. The country's leaders maintain a policy of 'ambiguity' over whether the Jewish state is a nuclear power. Journalist and peace activist Gideon Spiro believes everybody who opposes Israel's nuclear policy is a hero.

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