Saturday, May 29, 2010

Al Ma'asara Weekly Demo 28-5-10

Al Ma'asara 28-5-10

yisraelpnm May 28, 2010Today at the demonstration in Maa'sara there were about 70 demonstrators - Palestinians, Israelis, some Italians and many French people.

The demonstrators marched towards the entrance of the village which was blocked by solders and surrounded by scooters that were staring at from the village roofs. About 30 solders prevented the demonstratorsfrom continuing marching on the villages land.

Same as every week, there were speeches in Arabic and in English that today also mention the siege on Gaza. Today there were also songs - With the sounds of drums that added a lot of action. In French there was a partisan song. Very dramatic.

The solders didn't really like the fact that the demonstrators are so close to their Jeeps and decided to push them towards the village. They held hands, put there weapon on there elbows, pushed toward the village until they stand. A few more speeches and some more drumming and slogans until the closing speech.

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