Monday, April 5, 2010

TRNN: On the border - Michel Warschawski

On the border Pt.1:

TheRealNews — April 05, 2010 — Report from the Middle East: Michel Warschawski on growing up in Jerusalem"

On the border Pt.2:

TheRealNews April 06, 2010 — Report from the Middle East: What happened to the Israeli peace movement?

Racist rhetoric and measures are now part of Israeli mainstream:

"TheRealNews — April 08, 2010 — Report from Middle East: Warschawski - On the border Pt.3"

On the border Pt.4:

TheRealNews April 09, 2010 — M. Warschawski: The Wall is a symbol of a philosophy that seeks a state as ethnically pure as possible. Watch the entire series at

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