Monday, April 26, 2010

South African delegation arrives in Gaza to support Palestinian rights

Gaza's Legislative Council receives South African inter-parliamentary delegation

Dr Ahmed Bahr, the First Deputy to the Chairman of the Legislative Council, has met with a parliamentary delegation from South Africa lead by Mathul Mutshikaga, at the council's headquarters in Gaza City. The meeting was attended by all deputies of the council including Dr Mahmoud Al-Zahar, Justice Minister Muhammad Faraj Al-Ghoul, Dr Ahmad Abu Halabiyya, Ismail Al-Ashqar, Dr Atif Udwan and Huda Naeem.

Dr Bahr expressed his thanks to the visiting delegation for the attention and concern it has shown for the plight of the people of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Cause in general and re-affirmed that the crimes perpetrated by the occupation were continuous and had not ceased in any part of the Occupied Territories.

Bahr sent a letter to the head of the South African Parliament through the leader of the parliamentary delegation, Mushikaga, in which he invited him to visit the Gaza Strip. Bahr also handed Mutshikaga a second letter in which he explained the suffering of families inside Israeli prisons.

The deputies reviewed a number of issues related to the Palestinian cause focussing on the issue of Palestinian families inside Israeli prisons and the continuous suffering they face, as well as the repressive measures the occupation uses against them. It was pointed out that the occupation has perpetrated every offence set forth in the Rome Charter relating to the crime of genocide and war crimes.

The South African Ambassador, Ted Beekani, spoke of the difficulties faced by the delegation in gaining entry into Gaza to witness at first hand the bitter realities faced in the territory. Mutshikaga in turn reflected on the experiences of suffering South Africans underwent at the hands of the apartheid regime which divided the country into numerous cantons.

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