Monday, April 19, 2010

Palestinian Prisoners Day - 48 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem.divx

48 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem.divx

SleeplessinGaza April 17, 2010Day 48: Palestine marks Prisoners Day with events and activities all over The West Bank & Gaza. Join Diana at the Rally in down-down Ramallah where she meets Nadia Khayyat who spent 5 years in Israeli prisons who tells her about life for Palestinian political prisoners. How do prison authorities treat all medical problems? See people raise the photos of their loved ones still behind bars. She gets Deputy Minister of Prisoners in the Palestinian Authority Ziad Abu Ain to give the latest update on number of Freedom Prisoners that remain to be freed and he explains why it is so easy to find a Palestinian who has been a prisoner! He had spent 13 years of his life behind bars! But the talk of town on this Prisoners Day is Raed Abu Hamad whose family was informed he died yesterday while in solitary confinement. Diana goes to his home to find the family in shock. Their son, a healthy 31-year-old sportsman, couldn't have died "just like that!" So what are they going to do about it? In Gaza Farah goes to the unified rally of all political parties and pulls out Majed Shaheen from amongst the crowds. Majed had spent 23 years behind bars and Farah wants to know what it was like.

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