Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Man's Land - 36 Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem

Ras Atiyah is a Palestinian Village Locked up on all sides by the Israeli Apartheid Wall, Israel declares it and treats it as a no man's land. People have to have a permit to live in their homes or leave the village.
36 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem:

"SleeplessinGaza — April 05, 2010 — April 5, 2010: Day 36: Why would a Palestinian need a special permit to go from the West Bank to the West Bank? From his home to his adjacent land, and the trip takes half an hour! How come a whole village can only come out and in on certain hours? If people and vehicles need special permits what about a donkey? Join Ashira, Susan and Aleix to the villages of Ras Atiah and Habla around Qalqilya to see with your own eyes what the occupation is all about! Listen to what the Israeli women have to say about occupation and its practices and why are they watching checkpoints and documenting abuse! Meet 'Machsom Watch' and tell us: Do you think the checkpoint commander found Ashira cute or the most annoying person he had met on duty? In Gaza: Celebrate Child Day with Farah who has been working very hard to make this festival a great success for the children of Gaza! What is her purpose? To give children a day of play, music and joy!"

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