Thursday, April 1, 2010

Land Day in Sakhnin - Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem 30

30 sleepless Gaza Jerusalem.divx:

"March 30, 2010 — 30th, March 2010: Day 30: Ashira drives to the village of Sakhnin, considered as the main venue for the commemoration of Land Day every year, today, as a protest against land confiscation by Israel. Palestinians mark Land Day worldwide. Do you know how Land Day started? Ashira will explain. Some call them 1948 Palestinians, others call them Arab Israelis! Meet them to find out what they call themselves! Meet Arab Knesset members Jamal Zahalka and Ahmed Teebi to find out what they have to say about the rights of non-Jewish citizens in the state of Israel!

In Gaza Nagham has no plan to work today. It seems that since she met General, the horse, on Day 11 she's been wanting to ride one just like him! She goes to the Gaza Equestrian Club and challenges her fears to get the first horse-back ride of her life! We know it is all about 'General' because she complains when she gets a white horse and ends up sort of trotting on a brown horse by the end of the experience! Watch the trainer tell Nagham where the saddle is!"

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