Monday, April 26, 2010

Israeli Soldiers Attack Beit Ommar Peaceful Demo 24-4-10

1 Arrested at Demonstration in Beit Ommar
Source: Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP)

A peaceful demonstration at Karmei Tsur this afternoon calling for the release of Ahmed Abu Hashem, detained in a night raid on Thursday in Beit Ommar, was broken up by Israeli soldiers throwing stun grenades and shooting tear gas and rubber coated bullets at the protesters and children present. A member of PSP and the National Committee of Beit Ommar, Eyad Jamil Al Alami, was arrested by soldiers for carrying a placard calling for the release of Ahmed Abu Hashem and taken away to a military jeep. Mousa Abu Maria was struck in the ribs by a stun grenade which exploded on contact causing bruising. Dozens of protesters, including Israeli and international activists, suffered tear gas inhalation as they tried to escape the violent reaction of the soldiers and settler security.

The Israeli soldiers then attacked Mohammed Abu Ahmed and attempted to wrestle the Btselem video camera from him to stop recording their aggression towards the non-violent protest. Several soldiers chased the retreating protestors back into the village continuing to fire tear gas and rubber coated bullets. A press cameraman was threatened and his camera forcibly taken from him by soldiers.

Reinforcements from the Border Police arrived and drove jeeps at speed into the village firing tear gas indiscriminately and throwing stun grenades at press and photographers.

Eyad was released later Saturday with no charges. Ahmed Abu Hashem, along with Hattam Sabarneh who was also arrested Thursday, were both released Sunday night. 3 others remain in jail.

Beit Umar 24-4-10
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