Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Israel Murders Palestinian Protester in Gaza

Maan News Agency: Gaza protester injured by Israeli fire dies in hospital

Gaza – Ma'an – A 21-year-old man protesting Israel's no-go zone in Gaza was killed on Wednesday, after Israeli forces opened fire on the march and hit the young man in the leg. Medics said he died in hospital.

The man, identified by activists as Ahmad Salem Deeb, was the fourth to be injured in three days as protests against the enforcement of the no-go zone continue.

Reports from members of the International Solidarity Movement in Gaza said Deeb was shot 30 meters away from the Gaza-Israel border. A statement from the activist group said protesters were waving flags and chanting slogans demanding the cessation of Israeli control over the no-go area when shots were fired.

Palestinian shot dead at Gaza border protest
Agence France-Presse
Apr. 28, 2010. 11:37 AM EST

A 20-year-old Palestinian was killed in the Gaza Strip by Israeli fire on Wednesday during a protest near the heavily guarded border fence, local medics said. Ahmed Salim, 20, was taken to Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital after being shot in the thigh and died shortly after arrival, according to Muawiya Hassanein, the head of Gaza emergency services.Duration: 00:42

Shooting on demonstrators, Gaza border
28 April 2010: Youth shot this morning by Israeli security forces on Gaza border dies

A Palestinian youth, Ahmad Sliman Salem dib, aged 19, died in the last hour at Shifaa Hospital, Gaza City. Earlier this morning, Dib was injured by Israeli fire, while attending a demonstration near the border fence with Israel, east of Gaza City, to protest the imposition of “no-go” zones by Israeli armed forces.

In the attached video, filmed by Muhammad Sabah, B’Tselem’s Gaza field researched, a group of Palestinians and Internationals is seen walking from the al-Shaj'iya neighborhood, east of Gaza, towards the Israeli border fence. The youths reach a distance of a few dozen meters from the border, facing an Israeli military post. A soldier is seen near the post, observing events. None of the protesters are armed.

The video shows a group of youths, some of them are throwing stones at the military post. There is a sound of one shot. The injured youth is seen evacuated to receive medical treatment. He died later of his wounds. A previous shot, which was fired approximately ten minutes earlier, was not captured on tape.

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