Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Commemorating Al Nakba [Palestinian 1948 Catastrophe] - 51 Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem

51 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem.divx

SleeplessinGaza April 20, 2010April 20, 2010: Day 51: Ashira joins her friend Bakrieyh on a tour to the Palestinian villages that were displaced in order to drive the Palestinians out of their homes and make way for Jewish immigrants in 1948. Today marks Israels "Independent Day" which is known to Palestinians as the Catastrophe; when the Palestine lost their country and Israel came to being. Why did Fidaa leave Spain and come back home? Why doesnt she believe in dialogue anymore? Listen to Sari on how neighbor turned on neighbor. What is the story of Abed who was born in Miska. Listen to what Sheikh Raed Salah has to say on the right of return. What happed at the village of Miska? Where are its people now?
In Gaza, Eman pays a visit to her friend Umm Walid who lives in Beit Lahia. Meet the Palestinian farmers women who harvest the land along with their husbands. The farms cant afford to hire workers so man and woman put hand in hand to make ends meet. Join Eman to help Hend pick her Zucchinis and listen to the farmers tell you about their experience being so close to the borders with Israel.

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