Monday, April 12, 2010

Beit Jala and Hebron - Another Day Under Apartheid in the Holy Land

Beit Jala and Hebron:

justicewheels April 11, 2010 — Another day in this apartheid system ruling over the holy land. Representing the popular committee against the wall and settlements in Beit Sahour, we joined with our friends in Beit Jala, a town which lost nearly half its land to Israeli Jewish-only colonial settlements over the past four decades. Now town residents are prevented from getting to additional areas near the apartheid walls and bypass roads (all to serve illegal Jewish colonies on Palestinian land). The weekly Sunday demonstration proceeded as expected: soldiers stretching barbed wire across the road, activists speaking to those present (including soldiers) in Arabic, English, and Hebrew. There was a poignant moment when a young German girl tried to speak to a soldier who even refused to look her in the eye.

We then drove to Hebron to show a visiting teacher from Denverwhat it is like to have 400 racist settlers ruin life for 150,000 Palestinians. The settlers took over some buildings, built a few other sites and make life in this largest Palestinian city hell for its inhabitants (Hebron is largest now because cities like Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Jaffa have had much of their Palestinain population ethnically cleansed). I am trying to get a steadier hand and better editing for youtube videos of these things. Below is my latest attempt which I end by a more mundane segment showing poor children who we took to a park ( they have not been to a park for 2 years). We fed them Knaffa (Palestinian dessert) at that time but I did not have my camera then so I show what Knaffa looks like in Bethlehem with our small group that visited Hebron earlier.

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