Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Night Raid in Bilin by the Israeli Occupation Army - (21- 4- 2010)

Night raid in Bilin again 21- 4- 2010 By Haitham Al Katib

haithmkatib April 20, 2010At 3 AM about ten militairy jeeps entered the village of Bil'in.

They drove to the house of Khalil Ibrahim Yassen.

The soldiers went around the house, then entered to arrest Khalil Ibrahim Yassin.

They were searching inside the house for half an hour. Khalil, the 16 year old boy, ...was not at home. They ordered his family to call him to come back to the house so that they could arrest him.

As tomorrow is the first day of the fifth conference about nonviolent resistance in Bil'in, there were a lot of activists in the village. The activists came to the house and joined with activists from Bil'in to try to stop the soldiers.

The soldiers waited for about one hour for Khalil, when he didn't come back home the soldiers left the village again.

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