Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Protest At The Waldorf Astoria - Hundreds Protest IDF Fundraising Dinner

Protest At The Waldorf Astoria:

"NEW YORK -- March 9, 2010. Israeli Defense Force chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi, called 'The Butcher of Gaza' by Palestinian activists and some of their supporters, spoke at a 'Friends of the IDF' fundraising dinner on Tuesday. Outside New York's well known Waldorf Astoria, protesters let Ashkenazi know how they felt about his presence.

Prior to the dinner, a column of 500 protesters formed at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue. Starting at 5 p.m., the protesters picketed for half an hour and then marched south on Lexington. On arrival at the Waldorf, the protesters -- many clad in black and carrying signs that said 'War Crime' -- circled the hotel in a walking picket. On the west side of Lexington, a group of 50 counter-demonstrators waved Israeli flags and held signs attacking Hamas. As night fell, a third group of protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted -- a short distance away from the pro-Israel group. Monitoring the situation were NYPD Community Affairs and legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild."

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