Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

American Perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Just one week after General David Petraeus reemphasized the centrality of resolving the Israeli-Arab conflict to US national security interests and in the aftermath of a marked cooling of relations between the two erstwhile allies since Joe Biden's visit to Israel two weeks ago, a new poll conducted by Zogby International shows significant American support for the Obama administration's policies.

Among other things, the poll finds that while Americans retain strong levels of support for Israel, a great majority view the continued lack of resolution to the conflict to be harmful to U.S interests in the regions. A plurality of those questioned further oppose Israeli settlement construction and believe they weaken American leverage and credibility in the the world. Reflecting a trend that crosses into domestic issues, there is an increasing partisan divide with democrats overwhelmingly more favorable to the President's tactics towards ending the conflict.

Zogby International President and CEO John Zogby will be presenting the findings, as Arab American Institute President Dr. James Zogby and the Middle East Task Force's Amjad Atallah will provide analysis of this poll and others released this week. Steve Clemons will moderate the discussion.

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