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Protesting Israeli racist and ethnic cleansing advocate Efraim Eitam @ Pittsburgh Hillel

Protesting Israeli racist and ethnic cleansing advocate Efraim Eitam @ Pittsburgh Hillel
3 February 2010

Former Israeli Knesset member Efraim Eitam has called Palestinians: "...a cancer ...creatures who came out of the depths of darkness..." and has said [The Israeli army can] "expel the population there overnight. It's not a problem to do this. We have a problem of having the will to do this. As a nation we are inhibited."

Eitam was found guilty in an Israeli court for his role in the beating murder of a bound Palestinian in Gaza during the first Intifada. Claiming he was acting on orders, and appealing to the Supreme Court (as if the 'Nuremberg defense' had never been firmly established to be an illegitimate excuse), he later had his deeds whitewashed by Yitzak Rabin, the same Israeli defense minister who had given the famous "break their bones" order that Eitam was following.

Possessed with a messianic fervor and described by Israeli peace activist Uri Averny as "Israel's #1 Fascist", Eitam is in the U.S. as part of the "Caravan for Democracy", an Israeli government sponsored tour whose major purpose—apart from garnering support for Israel, currently seems to be encouraging America to see Iran as the number one threat to world peace. Netanyahu, Israel's current prime minister, conducted a similar "attack Iraq" tour prior to the second Gulf War.

Hillel hosted his Jewish National Fund-sponsored event. Many from Pittsburgh's peace and justice community came out to protest his speech. This ten minute video records speakers from the street protest, and documents the arrival of school buses carrying young Jewish high school students who are one of the main target audiences of the "Caravan for Democracy" tour.

The video is interspersed with signs I made for the protest, spoof Hillel placards that people held in the streets and later took up into what was reportedly a fiery meeting in the Jewish students' building next to the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Song: The Emperor's Clothes by Invincible, produced by K-Salaam & Beatnik.


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